Welcome to OPHM

Osteopaths for Progress in Headaches and Migraines

OPHM is a new not-for-profit special interest group within osteopathy.

At the core of OPHM is a group of experienced osteopaths working nationwide.

Each of us has a long-standing special interest in headaches which we would like to share with other osteopaths wishing to increase their knowledge and skills in headache management.



University College of Osteopathy
New UCO course - Headache Management
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What we do

Excited by the challenge set out by the WHO in their pioneering and thought-provoking study, "Lifting the burden of headache", we aim to:

  • provide enjoyable online CPD
  • offer a substantial discount off access to all 2017 Migraine World Summit videos
  • run regular seminars and in time, accredited courses
  • run online case-sharing forums to support osteopaths with complex cases
  • keep colleagues up-to-date with the latest research
  • inspire and encourage further research
  • increase osteopaths’ confidence in headache management
  • help create a national practitioner list accessible to the public
  • communicate the benefits of osteopathy to potential patients

Migraine World Summit


Please don't order via the MWS website/do join OPHM as a full member and you will receive your access login within 3 days.

Migraine Action CSF Leaks Association
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All Osteopaths are registered with the GOsC and comply with the Osteopathic Practice Standards

Osteopathic Practice Standards and MIPCA guidelines

In line with such guidelines on best practice we will encourage a broad multi-disciplinary approach to headache management, drawing together the best work from a wide range of professionals including neurologists, medical headache specialists, psychiatrists, chiropractors, physiotherapists, nutritionists, orthodontists, psychotherapists and many more.

Membership offers:

  • Full members (includes OPHM course updates, forum login, telephone case support, current research updates and MWS full access) - £78 pa (only £1.50 per week!)
  • Students/new graduates/retired/osteopaths on career break - £26 pa (not including MWS access)
  • 20% reduction on KenHub subscription (email info@ophm.org for details)

Meet the team

Co-Chair & Cluster Headache advocate

Corina Breukel

Co-Chair & Company Secretary

Helena Bridge


Elizabeth Huzzey


Daniel Orchard


Jay Makanji

How to join

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For membership details and more information on how to get involved with the team please email: info@ophm.org.

For specific headache case management support please contact any foundation group member during office hours.